Our students

Our students are working together with staff to drive innovation and explore findings.

PhD students

The order of the students is alphabetical by last name

  • Mujtaba Alshakhouri
    Project: Software Visualisation to Support Agile Software Processes.
    Mujtaba on LinkedIn
  • Priyanka Antil
    Project: Requirements engineering in global scaled agile software development environment.
    Priyanka on LinkedIn
  • Waruni Hewage
    Project: Optimising the trade-off between data privacy and classification accuracy in a data streaming environment
    Waruni Hewage on Linkedin
  • Asanthika Imbulpitiya
    Project: Learn to Model Relational Databases: Understanding the Novice Database Modeller
    Asanthika on LinkedIn
  • Harley Ogier
    Project: Exploring game characters as autonomous software agents.
    Harley on LinkedIn
  • Nurul Afser Talukder
    Project: Understanding Coordination in Distributed Agile Software development context.
    Nurul on LinkedIn
  • Farzana Zahid
    Project: Requirement engineering in cyber physical systems
    Farzana Zahid on Linkedin
  • Gavin Zhao
    Project: Security in DevOps (DevSecOps/SecDevOps)
    Gavin Zhao on Linkedin
  • Taniela (Daniel) Vaipulu
    Project: Project Management and Complexity: An investigation of the factors contributing to project management success

MPhil Students

  • Vicky Ngo
    Project: Domain Adaptation of Deep Learning (D)DoS Attack Detection Algorithms for CPS and IoT
    Vicky Ngo on LinkedIn

Masters students

Research staff

Our researchers work alongside our students to validate and develop projects further.

Our researchers